Cracking the Code

Cyclocross Mini-Camp with Meredith Miller and Pete Webber

Chicago – September 6, 2014

In Partnership with Spider Monkey Cycling & SRAM

We’re proud to announce that Meredith Miller is joining us for this edition of Cracking the Code. Meredith has been amongst the top-ranked American women in cyclocross for the last five seasons and is a fabulous ‘cross instructor. She’s one of the most friendly women in the sport and her passion for cyclocross is contagious.

Pete Webber is a cyclocross veteran and has developed a well-organized curriculum that packs a lot of instruction into a 1 day mini-camp. Focused on the keys to ‘cross success, Pete and Meredith will take you thru a step-by-step process that includes their best tips and tricks. Check out these testimonials about Pete’s coaching and these photos from last year’s Chicago camp.

– Learn from Meredith and Pete’s combined 30 years of professional experience
– Hands-on instruction to “crack the code” for cyclocross success
– Max ratio of 1 coach per 15 riders
– Capped at 30 riders (if it fills up we may add additional coaches so more riders can attend)

Chicago, Sept. 6, 2014

When: Saturday, September 6, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Where: Chicago (Location is south of the city, within 25 minutes of downtown)
Who: All abilities, but several years of bicycling experience required
Cost: $160 ($175 after August 15)
Register: Online via USA Cycling

This camp is best for riders with some cyclocross racing experience. But don’t be intimidated, cyclocross beginners are welcome and you don’t need to be a speedster to enjoy this camp. We’ll divide into groups based on ability.

You must have a USA Cycling license, or purchase a $10 one-day license at registration.

What: Instruction will include…

  • The dismount and remount sequence: how to be faster and smoother
  • Portaging: carrying and shouldering the bike like a pro
  • Bike handling: ride better and faster no matter the conditions
  • Cornering: learning fast lines and proven techniques
  • Off-cambers and other tricky terrain
  • Barriers & run-ups
  • Race starts and holding your position
  • Equipment selection and set up
  • Tires and tire pressure: the most important part of your bike
  • Race day preparation, keys to being prepared
  • Solutions to common mistakes (we all make ’em)
  • Race craft: putting it all together

You’ll Get:

  • Professional instruction from Meredith and Pete
  • Lots of fun and laughs
  • Cold hydration by Skratch Labs
  • Picnic lunch and snack included!
  • Schwag!
  • Take home printed hand-out for cracking the code
  • Motivated for cross season!

You Need:

  • A tuned-up cyclocross bike
  • Helmet and riding kit
  • Camp will be held rain-or-shine, come prepared for the conditions that day
  • What tires? CX clinchers are best, but tubulars are fine too. Most riding will be on grass and trails.
  • USAC License
    (If you don’t have a USAC license, you can purchase a $15 one-day license online during registration.)

Prepare for Camp:

  • Do at least 4 training rides on your ‘cross bike before camp, including trails
  • Do at least 2 dedicated ‘cross skills sessions to get your mojo working
  • Get your bike tuned up and adjusted so it is working well
  • Think about your strengths and weaknesses and come prepared with questions

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel, please let us know at least 72-hours before camp to receive a refund.

Questions? Contact Pete at 303-562-7510 or

What people are saying…

“Your team put on a great event and I learned a ton….within an hour of starting the day I was thinking “I’ve already gotten my money’s worth!” And that was still while we were in the beginner stuff! Great stuff.” –Kristen

“I left that day feeling so elated and relieved that I’d finally learned so many of the skills that just baffled me for years. Years. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaarrrs. I’m just thrilled and wish I had taken one of your camps like 2 years ago. So thank you very, very much. I totally feel like a different racer.” — Katie

“The coaches were great, lunch and snacks were perfect, equipment discussions, individual and group coaching, venue, …everything was really well done. Thanks again.” — Brad

“I thought your camp was great and I had my best cyclocross season ever after attending it — and had to upgrade to 2 because I had so many points!” — Michele




Pete Camp 4



Tim Camp

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