Cyclocross and Mountain Biking Skills Instruction

2018 Update: I am not planning any clinics for this year.

Private & Team Skills Instruction ($125 per 1.5 hr session)

I provide customized instruction covering any topic for individuals and groups. On-the-bike skills sessions are very effective and one of my most popular services.  Contact me to arrange your learning experience.

A sampling of clinics:

Cyclocross 101

  • Fundamental techniques
  • Dismount and remount
  • Carrying and shouldering the bike
  • Barriers and stairs
  • What to expect in your first season

Advanced Cyclocross Skills Clinic

  • Review fundamental techniques
  • Faster and smoother dismount and remount
  • Advanced portaging and running techniques
  • Obstacles, barriers, stairs, sand pits, etc
  • Racing strategies

Cyclocross Bike Handling Clinic

Often under-appreciated and usually neglected in training, bike handling is one of the most important elements in cyclocross racing. A typical cross course may have 40 corners per lap. Imagine if you could gain a quarter second in every corner? Topics include:

  • Body position
  • Cornering
  • Shifting and braking
  • Smooth and fast transitions
  • Sand pits, off-cambers, steep drops, and sketchy turns
  • Challenging conditions: mud, snow, loose gravel, etc

Cyclocross Equipment Selection and Set-up Seminar

A properly set-up bike and wheelset is critical in cyclocross. There’s a dramatic difference between a race rig that is fully dialed versus a poorly set up bike that lets you down at crunch time. Topics include:

  • Bike and component selection for various budgets
  • Bike set-up fundamentals and advanced tips
  • Understanding and selecting clincher and tubular tires
  • Maintenance, tune-ups, and race prep

Race Craft Seminar

Race craft is my term for putting it all together: the training, the bike handling, the practice, and the equipment. You can learn race craft thru trial and error, or you can avoid a bit of the frustration and learn it from an experienced coach. Topics include:

  • Keys to race day preparation
  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Pre-race routines
  • Starts and holding position
  • Race day nutrition
  • Equipment
  • Pits, spares, and helping hands

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