The Six Pack Method

There’s more to cyclocross racing than physical training. In fact, success in cyclocross requires six essential ingredients. I call it the Six Pack:


Building strength and endurance for cyclocross requires a carefully structured training plan that combines hard effort, proper rest, and FUN in just the right proportions. I work one-on-one with each athlete to develop a training and racing plan that will help you achieve your personal best. My philosophy is that training must be more than just a calendar of interval workouts. It’s gotta be fun, confidence building, energizing and must deliver the rider to the start line strong and motivated. Each season you get one box of matches to burn. I’ll help you learn when to burn matches and when to save ‘em for later.

Bike Handling

Cornering, balance, braking, shifting, and sprinting. Riding smooth on off-cambers, steep drops, and sketchy turns: Riding fast in mud, sand, snow, grass, and gravel. Often under-appreciated and usually neglected in training plans, bike handling is one of the most important elements in cyclocross racing. A typical cross course may have 40 corners per lap. Imagine if you could gain a quarter second in every corner? Or have the confidence to bunny-hop curbs without slowing down? I’ll teach you the tips, tricks, and practice drills to help you ride smooth, confident, and with a smile on your face.

Cyclocross Skills

The cyclocross dismount and remount sequence: so simple and yet so difficult to master. It’s one reason we all love cross. We strive for buttery-smooth perfection over double and triple barriers, stairs, run-ups, and punishing sand pits. I’ll help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, overcome your fears, and develop the techniques you need to master every alligator pit or irrigation ditch. Whether you are a beginner or pro, skill development is key element in all my coaching plans. Every course is different and I’ll help you build the skills to master them, or at least get close!


Selection and set up of well-tested equipment is critical for cyclocross. There’s a dramatic difference between a bike that is fully dialed versus a poorly set up rig that lets you down at crunch time. I’ll teach you how to choose the best bike and components for your budget, learn the complexities and advantages of both clincher and tubular tires, set-up your brakes and shifting, and most importantly keep it tuned and running in tip-top condition all season.

Fun and Adventure

It’s pretty simple: Cycling should be fun. I make it a priority to develop unique training routes, interesting workouts, fun group adventures, and memorable experiences. You don’t have to do intervals or indoor rides if you don’t want to. Don’t worry, I’ve got sneaky ways to make you suffer and gain those hard to earn performance gains!

Race Craft

This is my term for putting it all together: the training, the bike handling, the equipment, and the tactics. You can learn race craft thru trial and error, or you can avoid the frustration and learn it from an experienced coach. The key: avoiding mistakes. Far too often, race success is derailed by mistakes. It’s often little stuff like dropping a chain, minor crashes, being unprepared for the conditions, getting tangled in the course tape, flat tires, poor start, misjudging your pace… the list goes on. I’ll teach you how to prepare properly so you’re ready for every situation and avoid the common mistakes.