“I consider Pete to be one of the best sources available for cyclocross information (not to mention trail and course design.) I’ve continually been impressed by Pete’s natural instinct to inspire and instill confidence in everyone he works with. I can’t imagine a better coach, consultant or leader than Pete Webber.”
— Marc Gullickson, USA Cycling Mountain Bike & Cyclo-Cross Program Director

“Pete is the guy who got me into cyclocross in the 90’s. He taught me about the equipment, the training and the technique. Pete has always been very meticulous about his training and his preparation and I learned that in order to reach the next level, whatever level that may be, you needed focus. Since those early days of steel bikes and narrow tubulars a lot has changed, but the preparation and the focus required has not. I have teamed up with Pete around the U.S. and Europe to race. His attention to detail mixed with an uncanny ability to have fun makes traveling and racing with Pete an awesome adventure every time.”
— Brandon Dwight, 4-time National Champion

“Pete is a great bike racer, a tenacious competitor and I always enjoyed racing with him. With all that being said, what he has contributed to the sport of mountain biking through his work at IMBA and his own advocacy are among the most substantial contributions to the sport ever.”
— Dave Weins

“I’ve been connected with Pete in many different contexts: as 1994 USA team members at cyclocross worlds in Koksijde, Belgium, as a member of the cycling community who has benefitted from his widespread advocacy work, and as a sounding board and supporter when Pete has raced cross in Belgium in recent years. Pete’s command of coaching principles and sequence is excellent and I highly recommend him for any aspiring cyclocross racer.”
— Geoff Proctor, USA Cyclocross National Team Coach and EuroCrossCamp Director

“Having Pete on the team for the Tim Johnson Ride on Washington was essential to the ride’s success. He kept our group of 30+ riders safe, helped us work efficiently, guided the group from rural dirt farm roads to downtown New York City—and, most importantly, made sure we all had fun.”
— Kate Powlison, PeopleforBikes, Ride on Washington Organizer

“Pete Webber can teach you that there is so much more to bike riding and performance than just the watts you can put out. Whether or not you have an elite-level engine, this guy will teach you everything from how to prep your ride to how to handle your bike like a pro. His coaching philosophy goes much deeper than most others. Do it, you won’t regret it.”
— Rob Pickels, Lead Exercise Physiologist, Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

“Cyclocross lies at the intersection of fitness, skill, tactical sense and equipment preparation.  The accumulation of seemingly insignificant details related to training methods, course inspection, race strategy, and bike set-up are what separate the packfill from the guy pulling on the leaders jersey.  Pete has been refining his winning formula for cyclocross success for over 20 years and quite simply has it figured out.  More important than his personal success (which speaks for itself) is his ability to clearly communicate that formula and inspire up-and-coming cyclist to reach his or her own goals.  The method of instruction is almost always by “doing”, which is the optimal way to absorb new material.  He does all of this with class, humility and character. “
— Mike Sharkey, masters racer

“I found Pete’s Cyclocross 101 class to be an excellent introduction to the sport. I now have confidence that I’m performing all the fundamental skills with the correct technique. The class has taken my enjoyment of the sport to the next level. I highly recommend the class to beginners or experienced riders that want to polish up their technique.”
— Drew E., beginner racer

“When I first decided to seek out some coaching I was really just thinking I would get some help with my training plan. After just one session working on bike handling skills, I noticed a huge difference. I was not aware of how beneficial that aspect was going to be. I feel as though I am transitioning into a different rider and we are just getting started.  Thanks Pete.”
— Scot Rose

“I can’t overstate how helpful your cornering and bike handling instruction has been. It was actually “easy” to hang in with guys I’ve killed myself to keep up with in past weeks.  Not having to make up a bike length after each corner makes for a less taxing experience.”
— Cyclocross client

“Thanks for setting up a fantastic clinic!  Pete turned out to be an excellent instructor, communicating, instructing, and demonstrating well.  He was able to impart a great deal of CX wisdom in easy-to-understand, digestible chunks that resonated with us all.  Furthermore, despite a few unexpected delays due to grief from the local bureaucrats, he was patient and got through all topics on his agenda with plenty of time for practice, including several rounds of team games before the final “chalk talk.”  He even stuck around until nearly 5 p.m. to answer all of our questions in depth.  In short, it was a very worthwhile event!” — Clinic participant

Testimonials from Skills Clinics

“The coaches were great, lunch and snacks were perfect, equipment discussions, individual and group coaching, venue, …everything was really well done. Thanks again.” — Brad

“Your team put on a great event yesterday and I learned a ton….within an hour of starting the day I was already thinking “I’ve already gotten my money’s worth!” And that was still while we were in the beginner stuff! Great stuff.” –Kristen

“Being chased down today by Tim Johnson as he yelled encouragement before he dusted my ass has been the highlight of my CX career.” — Newt

“My daughter has been raving about the clinic non-stop. Thanks for suggesting it!”

“We’d really like to do this again next year!” –– Kelly

“Thanks for a great camp!  I just wanted to thank you and tell you how helpful I felt it was.  I like the way it was organized and felt the time was utilized well. The groups were sized well and I felt were divided well by ability.  The food was great and I have awesome tan lines.” — Jessica

“Awesome camp! Can we do it again next soon?” — Don

“The clinic that you and your team put on was incredibly helpful for me.  As a new cx racer, I have been nervous about quite a few aspects of the race.  Now I’m confident and excited for the racing to start. I’m sure my season will go better because of your guidance.” — Illya

“I left that day feeling so elated and relieved that I’d finally learned so many of the skills that just baffled me for years. Years. Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaarrrs. I’m just thrilled and wish I had taken one of your camps like 2 years ago. So thank you very, very much. I totally feel like a different racer.” — Katie

“I thought your camp was great and I had my best cyclocross season ever after attending it — and had to upgrade to 2 because I had so many points!” — Michele